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Welcome to the National Military Insignia Collector Hall of Fame site!  
   The National Military Insignia Collector Hall of Fame was established to recognize those who have served the Military Insignia Collector Community.
   Eligibility for induction is extended to all members of the Military Insignia Collector and Reenactor Community.  Those individuals who are inducted have, through their efforts, made a significant contribution to the achievement, tradition, advancement or history of Military Insignia Collecting.
   The National Military Insignia Collector Hall of Fame consists of a gallery of photographs, each accompanied by a short narrative detailing the member's contribution/reasons for induction.

George M. Duell Jr - Inducted in 2010
Member of The American Society of Military Insignia Collectors (ASMIC)

Mr. George H. Duell Jr. began collecting during WW II.  His collection is basically cloth insignia.  However, his collection does include other insignia areas.   When he entered the US Army, his collection was put on hold for a few years, but gradually George returned to active collecting, which continues to this date.  Mr Duell is convinced that the value of the military insignia hobby is important to the history of our military and our nation.   George currently serves as the National Membership Secretary for the American Society of Military Insignia Collectors ( ASMIC) a position he has held for over 35 years.  As a collector, He donates many insignia items to museums, veterans organizations, veterans, other collectors and military units.  George enjoys sharing his knowledge and insignias knowing it is a way to insure the appreciation of military insignias as well as a way to encourage others to collect.
Mr Duell's experience background includes extended Army service, educational administration, CEO of a national veterans memorial as well as civilian service with the Department of the Army and the Department of Defense.

Jim Strode - Inducted in 2011
18th Century Reenactor

  Jim Strode began reenacting in 1972 after starting a collection of antique molds for casting pewter.  He had obtained two 18th century spoon molds in 1971.  In 1974 he was invited to join the newly formed Northwest Territory Alliance.  A group formed to reenact units for the bicentennial of the American Revolutionary War.
  Jim portrays a private who was a tradesman that made pewter spoons.  During the bicentennial years the unit became the 2nd N. Carolina Regt.   He had researched the unit and found there was a member named Moses Thimble who had a spoon mold in his inventory when he mustered out.
  He demonstrates the trade of a pewterer as well as a soldier at 18th century reenactments.   Jim has been part of reenactments in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Virginia.  He currently portrays a tradesman during the War of 1812.
  As long as his reenacting continues to be fun, Jim will continue reenacting.

There normally will be one or two inductees per year.

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Mr. Anybody3, inducted 20xx

This Hall of Fame is funded by Case Historical Museum.

Donal J. Sexton - Inducted in 2010
Member of the American Society of Military Insignia Collectors (ASMIC)

   Donal J. Sexton was the President of ASMIC for many years, and while President he moved the Society forward and updated the Society to modern collecting styles.  During his tenure the Society added a website, moved into color booklets regarding insignia, expanded the options to purchase insignia books and booklets from other publishers at a reduced rate for members .  He encouraged many members to come forward to assist the Society.  Donal stimulated the development of a new Constitution & By-Laws and maintained a sound financial position for the Society at a time when many other collecting groups folded or drastically reduced services to members.  He developed an awards system to recognize the contributions of members to the Society and recognized their efforts by the various ASMIC awards that began under his leadership.

Shawn Rorah - Inducted in 2012

Shawn started in reenacting as a young boy with his father doing French and Indian War in 1986.  He joined Compeau's Milita Company, which had originally been raised in and around Detroit during that conflict.  He did Rev War events as well.

He is now active in Civil War living history as a member of the 1st Michigan Light Artillery Battery B, which originally was raised in the Detroit area.  Shawn does both living history events and live fire competitions, competing at Camp Grayling.  THese competitions  are called "Historic Artillery Matches".

Shawn also does WW2 and Vietnam living history as well.

Nicola Sgro' - Inducted 2013
Custer's Last Stand

Custer's Last Stand Re-enactment 2013 - Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana Territory.  Nicola Sgro' as 1st Lt. Carlo C. DeRudio, 7th US Cavalry.  Photograpy by Stefania Pelfini.




The National Military Insignia Collector Hall of Fame is a Virtual Hall of Fame.

The National Military Insignia Collector Hall of Fame will for the present time remain a Virtual Hall of Fame.  Over time new members will be inducted and the Hall of Fame will grow with each class of inducties.  We know the interest in Military Insignia Collecting will continue to grow and in time the National Military Insignia Collector Hall of Fame will have a home.  We see collecting Military Insignias and/or participating in reenactments as ways to learn more about our military heritage.  It is an educational thing and as such perhaps this Hall of Fame will find a home at a University.

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